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Tooth Whitening


Types of whitening treatments available: There are currently several systems of professional whitening treatments available. Tooth whitening is not suitable for everyone, you should consult your dentist if you are interested in receiving treatment of this kind. There are some circumstances where whitening is contra-indicated when there are white fillings, tooth coloured crowns, veneers and dentures, as the colour of these will remain unchanged and therefore may also need replacing after treatment. Your dentist will recommend the most appropriate treatment with you, these include:

● Tray whitening procedure (take home kit)

● In-chair whitening

● Power whitening

The first information relates to the tray whitening system, others are explained later in the page.

How long will I have to wear the tray whitening system for ?

This depends on the amount of lightening that you require and the original shade of your teeth, e.g. if your teeth are dark or very yellow, grey or tetracycline stained, the treatment will take longer. Tetracycline stained teeth can take up to 6 months to change colour, but other cases will have a much quicker result. The trays will be worn for 1-2 hours per day. It is very important however to only use the trays that are provided and take care to remove any excess material around your gums before insertion. In case of any doubt please refer to the manufacturer’s recommended instructions.

What if I experience sensitivity?

This is the most common side effect of tray whitening treatment and if this happens, it is most likely to occur around the necks of teeth especially in patients where there is some recession present when treatment commences. If sensitivity is an issue, treatment should be stopped and resumed in 3 to 4 days. However, there is a de-sensitising gel available from the practice which can also be used if necessary to remove these symptoms. This should alleviate any discomfort that is being experienced. If you do have any concerns the dentist is available for advice on this matter.

What if the teeth do not whiten evenly ?

If your teeth have white spots on them before treatment begins, they will appear whiter during the first few days of treatment. However the contrast between spots and the remainder of the tooth will be less and the spots will become less noticeable. If you would like further advice on treatments available for this please enquire with your dentist. In certain cases patients notice new white spots appearing immediately after a whitening session. These spots were probably present before treatment began and as the teeth become lighter they become more noticeable. This is not a cause for concern these will disappear as the treatment progresses.

How will my teeth feel ?

In general patients report that teeth feel very clean following treatment. The materials being used have an indirect result on the gums, improving their health. The technique was originally created to help to heal gum irritation during orthodontic treatment.

What about my smile ?

Your smile will appear brighter. Sometimes, however, on rare occasions your teeth will not whiten at all during treatment and then a stronger concentrate of the material, or alternative treatment, will be advised by your dentist.

How long does the result last ?

The length of time that the final result is maintained will depend on your diet and lifestyle habits. Smoking and drinking caffeine based drinks i.e. tea, coffee, cola and red wine, as well as some strong foods will affect this. Top-up treatments are available to use at a later date with the original trays provided for you by your dentist, and should be purchased on the advice of your dentist only.

Does whitening harm the teeth ?

Safe studies have shown that tooth whitening treatment using professionally prescribed home techniques are perfectly safe for use and the treatment is equivalent to drinking one soda drink. The material that is used has a neutral pH. Please be advised that there have been problems reported with some whitening products obtained over the counter. Although inexpensive they can contain an acid rinse which can thin down the enamel or damage teeth and can be extremely harmful. You will receive expert advice from your dentist at Llanidloes Dental Practice. Only use equipment and materials that he or she prescribes and provides

Other types of whitening treatments available:

In-chair whitening

Is available for appropriate cases and should be discussed with your dentist. This treatment involves higher strength products being used for a short space of time. It is applied directly to your teeth during a visit to the surgery and the whole of the process is monitored closely by the dentist and his team. The whole process takes a few hours and is performed in one single visit.

Power whitening

Is available for appropriate cases at Llanidloes Dental Practice and should be discussed with your dentist. This treatment involves higher strength products being used for a short space of time with the aid of a light device.


Which staff in the practice are trained to provide Tooth Whitening ?


Simon (Dr Hako Sobhani), and Piotr (Dr Piotr Dusza)  have both undertaken webinar training to offer “Enlighten Tooth Whitening”.


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